UVA vs. GULC vs. GW vs. UW

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UVA vs. GULC vs. GW vs. UW

Postby PDX4343 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:02 pm

Hi all,

Since I've gotten most of my decisions back, I thought I'd reach out for some advice on where to go from here.

Stats: 173 / 3.15 -- I also have a few quarters worth of grades to get back before I graduate undergrad, which should leave me with a 3.2 + by the time I graduate.

Schools applied to + status:
- UW: In (no scholarship offer yet) 222k COA
- UVA: In (no scholarship offer yet) 290k COA
- GULC: In (no scholarship offer yet) 319k COA
- GW: In ( 105k scholarship, about 65% of tuition) 181k COA
- Duke: Waitlisted
- WUSTL: In (no scholarship offer yet)
- Lewis and Clark: In (87k, or about 65% of tuition)
- UCLA: In ( no scholarship offer yet, but would qualify for resident tuition) 255k COA
- Michigan / Northwestern / NYU: No answer yet.

Goals: I'm primarily interested in government or public interest work.

Other factors: I'd like to be in a major city if possible since My SO will be moving with me and will be trying to find employment wherever we go. I'm also currently located in the Pacific Northwest so UW would be the most convenient school to attend. Especially since I'd like to end up back in either Seattle or Portland post law school. (I realize both can be hard to get and am flexible).

I'm typing this up on my phone but I can update with total COA for the rest of the schools as needed.

I'm definitely going to negotiate scholarships as the cycle goes on, but I was just hoping to get some feedback on what others would do with these choices / factors to make sure I'm thinking about this correctly.


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