UF law worth going to?

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Re: UF law worth going to?

Postby dasani13 » Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:27 pm

fredfred wrote:
dasani13 wrote:
AT9 wrote:And about the UF being stingy thing, that's not necessarily true - if you get your score into the low/mid 160's, you'll almost certainly get a decent scholarship that may make UF a good option (speaking from personal experience). Obviously if you can do better and get into a T14 w/$, then that may be better. But UF with a large scholarship is definitely attainable and probably your best option for staying in FL outside the T14.

Just to have a different perspective: I was above both 75th percentiles, applied on time, got $$$ from t20s, and nothing from UF. I also know several others who got $$ and $$$ from UMiami but nothing from UF, so I don't think it was yield protection.

I was at one median and above another and got a full ride from UF (pre june retake). I had to negotiate three times but they will give full rides to people who aren't above both 75%. Also I am a non-URM. They just want people to show how much they really want to attend and constant negotiating is the key. Went from 20 a year to full ride.

That's great! I was shut down immediately and told there was no money left (which is almost never true).

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