uc hastings or santa clara -- 157 - 3.96

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Re: uc hastings or santa clara -- 157 - 3.96

Postby miamiri » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:35 pm

nlee10 wrote:
miamiri wrote:not sure i get it. no in response to what?

To SCU or Hastings.

probable. thanks. just 'NO' does not really respond to 'is hastings or santa clara a better school...' but i know myself that i need to retake if I want to get into a tier1 school. That is also unrelated to my question. i rest my case now though...thanks all.

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Re: uc hastings or santa clara -- 157 - 3.96

Postby cal2013 » Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:17 pm

How many times have you taken the LSAT and what was your study method?

Seriously, most people would kill for that GPA.


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Re: uc hastings or santa clara -- 157 - 3.96

Postby whatsyourdeal » Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:51 pm

Re-take to get a scholly at least, even if you are dead set on going to one of those schools. With that LSAT, you're not going to get any scholarship money thrown your way. Going to one of those schools is insane for sticker price, as it will be difficult to get a job going there. I am an alum at one of those schools, and job prospects, particularly good paying jobs, are very difficult for new grads from both schools. I was lucky to have landed an in house counsel position right out of law school, but my experience is an exception, not the norm.

Although I can say most of my classmates are "employed", how you define "employed" is the question: some are with small to mid sized firms making 50k-90k; some are doing compliance/legal related (non-attorney) positions getting paid from 60k-80k; some are working with solos part time to get a foot in the door somewhere; and a handful are at big firms, as they have engineering/computer science degrees that helped get them in.

Please don't pay sticker for either one of these schools - you most certainly will, with that LSAT. It will severely effect your employment opportunities and outlook going forward. Even if your family is paying for your education, don't saddle them with 200k+ of debt when you only needed to raise your LSAT scor anywhere from 3-7 points, which would have only taken you about 3-6 months more of studying.

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Re: uc hastings or santa clara -- 157 - 3.96

Postby Cal Trask » Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:06 pm

JohannDeMann wrote:i would not retake because i dont think this is even a career in law. you should go to the peace corp in south america, learn spanish, and work for a non profit when you come back.
you should probably find someone on linkedin with a job you would like and reach out to them. because based on your description, i dont think that exists.

I'll go ahead and jump in here echoing Johann's point. Advocating for children is an incredibly vague goal. Do you have a specific field of law in which you want to do this? Even as a current Hastings student, I wouldn't recommend just jumping into a large amount of debt without a clear idea of what you want to do and how you plan to service that debt after graduation.

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