Next years T14: Who's falling, who's trending?

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Re: Next years T14: Who's falling, who's trending?

Postby cotiger » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:06 pm

BigZuck wrote:
cotiger wrote:
californiauser wrote:
cotiger wrote:
Yup. As much as I like to hate on GULC, even if the rankings strictly used employment data, it is still far and away better than Vandy or Texas and much closer to the rest of the T14 than to those two. The idea of a "T15" is so remote as to be not worth anyone's time thinking about.

No one seriously thinks there will be a t15 because the current t14 have all been in the top 10 at one point, it'd become the t13 if anything, which seems VERY possible if Georgetown ends up surpassed by UT or Vandy in the rankings.

Already there imo

Surpassed by UT or Vandy how? Are you just talking about USNWR? The T14 aren't the T14 because they've all been in the USNWR top 10 at one point or because they've never dropped out of the top 14 since they started doing yearly rankings (those are results, not causes). They're the T14 because those are the schools with a national reach that give you far and away the best chance for an elite outcome. UT taking the USNWR 14 spot is not going to change that.

If we're talking about the typical applicant who doesn't have super specific career/locational goals, then sure, I'm down with a T13 designation. But that's because its general employment outcomes clearly lag the schools just above it, not anything to do with USNWR.

However, in general, it still makes sense to me to refer to the T14 because GULC gives its grads access to top DC-specific employment better than any school outside of YHS (or at least that's what I've read on TLS) while still giving its grads at least a 50% shot at biglaw. It's still a place to go if you want an elite employment outcome, just a more qualified and specific one.

Meh, if I wanted DC I would definitely choose Duke over GULC (dat Duke in DC program) and maybe UVA. Especially if those schools are cheaper, which is likely. GULC blows chunks on a lot of levels.

I have some follow up questions for you though that should really get to the heart of the matter:
Boxers or briefs?
What are you planning on having for dinner tonight?
Michelle Rodriguez: hot or not?

Boxer briefs, duh. Hot, fo sho. Mexican food: for. the. win.

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