Career advice/Possible schools in NY?

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Career advice/Possible schools in NY?

Postby OKComputer » Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:14 pm

Hey guys, this looked like the best place to post this, although I apologize if there is a better board I could have used.

Quick stats:
22 year old URM (AA Male)
2 years full-time work experience as a software engineer for a world leading financial firm $70-80k salary (will be relevant soon)
No other "stellar" softs (regular stuff in school, TA, orientation leader, student council etc.)
GPA: 2.8 (no upward trend, had F's in math classes, good NY school)
LSAT: 170 on a practice timed exam, but I haven't invested too much in studying yet. I feel like I can do better with a year of practice
Career aspirations: if feasible - Patent/Trademark law, although I'm open to others

More in depth:
To cut straight to the point, I gritted my teeth and went into computer science because I wanted to get a good job out of undergrad. I don't hate the field, and I turned out to be a pretty good developer, but I don't have the knack for complex math (hence the GPA), and this job doesn't really match my personality.

To be completely honest, everyone who assessed me growing up (parents, teachers, friends.. College profs) assumed I would go into law at some point (I was always a writer/debate sort of person) and I truly believe I would enjoy/excel in law somewhere.

I recently started looking at the LSAT (ruled out the GMAT and GRE a long time ago because of the math) and it turns out I actually enjoy the reasoning/logic games etc. (started doing them daily as a challenge, and then I took a free KAPLAN practice test) I know that in itself isn't a reason to jump to law, but reading through the site, I see that there are hopes for a splitter with my GPA and who does potentially pretty well on the LSAT (before reading this site, I thought there wouldn't be any schools that would want me, because my GPA is sub 3.0).

I'm curious if you think it would be worth it to make the jump and investment into law knowing that:
I am averse to leaving NY (which means my geographic options are CN or mid tier like Fordham, Brooklyn, St. John's etc)
If possible I'd like to go part time (unless I go to CN of course, because they don't offer part time.. Are there any stats on if schools favor you for law if you did your UG there?)
I might be willing to quit for a school that does not offer part time (this is why the salary is relevant. I'm comparing a potential 2 years of work against 2 years of full-time school. No real responsibilities except rent and regular bills).
And if I can go part time, I might have some of the cost taken care of by my current employer, but no guarantees of a job here. (Maybe, but not guaranteed).

In your opinion, would it be possible to a non-t14 and come out competitive? Is t-14 still possible and worth sticker? Would a few more years non-legal experience help my odds? Is the ROI potential so low that I might as well look elsewhere?

Thanks a lot for any insight you could pass on!

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