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GULC (total COA 200k) vs. CCNP (total COA ~270-290k)

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Don't go, work at your current job
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Re: GULC (total COA 200k) vs. CCNP (total COA ~290k)

Postby senorhosh » Sun May 19, 2013 4:01 pm

Micdiddy wrote:I'm very surprised NU Waitlisted you, usually you are their wet dream because they love that LSAT and have few competition from other schools that will stomach that gpa. For reference, I know people with worse numbers than you who got NU $. Oh well, splitter cycles are weird.

Anyway, GULC at 200k is just plain bad, CCN at sticker is defensible, so out of those options go big.

It was my fault. I didn't interview with them (I had to cancel last minute because of a work thing).
Also realized I had a typo on my LOCI.

Looking back, I think that really hurt me. Esp. since NU loves people who love them.

I probably won't go NU since COA is like 290k without UG loans (according to LST). That's 300k+.

Reapplying is always an option (though I'd rather not)

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