Do they deserve to be lawyers?

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Re: Do they deserve to be lawyers?

Postby BitterSplitter » Wed May 15, 2013 6:23 pm

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Re: Do they deserve to be lawyers?

Postby reasonable_man » Wed May 15, 2013 9:44 pm

BitterSplitter wrote:
reasonable_man wrote:I apologize. I took a little creative freedom. Would the firm dissolve? Probably not. But they would be in a pretty bad jam. I’m only a 5th year. But I do provide a pretty unique service in that I not only handle the bulk of the most complicated matters within the firm, but I also manage the docket of the rest of the cases. I took on the latter role after the departure of a service-type partner a few years back. Finding an associate capable of doing both at the same time is not so easy to do. Completely impossible? No. But pretty difficult nonetheless. Add to that the fact that 1/3 of the work is extremely specialized (very few attorneys practice this type of law) and that its not very closely related to the other 2/3s of the work and you have a situation where it would be very difficult to replace me. That, and I win a lot. And luckily that does count for something too.

So I misspoke. The firm wouldn’t dissolve. It would be in deep shit.


Indubitably. JSYK my reply revolved around "TITCR" and not by your survival of the fittest and personal story part (It was just easier to attack haha). I apologize if my reply was a little snarky snide or whatever. Your reply does lead me to believe that you are reasonable (and professional, at the least by TLS standards haha).

No big deal. I generally think threads like this are sort of useless for lots of reasons. Mostly because the de-evolve into pissing matches, etc. Like a moth to the flame I guess.

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