Reverse Splitter (160/3.8+) Seeking Retake Advice

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Reverse Splitter (160/3.8+) Seeking Retake Advice

Postby Niners4Life » Wed May 01, 2013 8:00 pm

I applied last year and ultimately decided to sit out a year to retake and reapply this fall. Well, life happened and I went on a bit of a roller coaster ride that killed my studying thanks to a job I took. I decided to reapply to UNLV (my state school) with the same stats and ended up with a full tuition offer. The scholarship has a top 1/3 stipulation to keep 100% of the scholarship, and would be re-adjusted based on my rank if I remain in the top half, but not the top third (ugly I know). Keeping the full scholarship for three years would result in a CoA under $64,000 (pre-interest).

The job prospects coming out of UNLV aren't "models and bottles" glamorous , but I don't know if big law is what I really want in a career. I can't say I'd turn down a six figure job coming right out of school, but my current feeling is that I want something that will allow me to offer meaningful help to others in some capacity (I'm assuming big law can't/won't provide this). I feel UNLV can reasonably provide me with a job that would satisfy my desire to help. My understanding is that UNLV doesn't have serious competition from other schools in Nevada so I believe it meets the criteria of a "safe" regional school in the sense that it dominates its market. I've lived in Nevada for roughly 14 years and don't have any significant ties in any other states. The advice I've seen on TLS seems to support attending your state school with a big scholarship to keep costs down if you aren't set on big law and don't mind living in that market (I don't mind).

I know TLSers' automatic responses will be to retake the LSAT, which I am 100% open to (big thanks to TLS for opening my eyes to the realities of law school btw). However, I am fairly debt averse and know that I need a certain score to break into the T14 with enough scholarship $ to get my total CoA down to a point where I would feel comfortable attending. What that CoA is I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing it's between $120 - $150k pre-interest. However, that number depends on the particular school (willing to take on more debt for a better school). This is where my dilemma begins.

I am not sure what score would put me in a good position to get the type of scholarship money I'm looking for at a T14. I've looked at LSN and it seems like I'd be competitive with a 167+, but I haven't really researched these schools a lot because, well, I've never thought I was competitive enough to attend any of them. As I said before I'm open to retaking, but if I'm only going to score an extra point or two I don't personally think retaking is my best option because I don't see my cycle next year being a lot different. I haven't seen scholarship offers greater than full tuition from UNLV, and I have a hard time believing I'd get into a T14, let alone get in with significant scholarship money, with a small LSAT increase. I'm looking for the advice of TLSers who are familiar with T14s and the numbers required to get the type of scholarship money I'm looking for.

I have already sent in my first seat deposit, and plan on sending in the second deposit in June. However, I plan on studying for the LSAT between now and early July to see where my scores are. Based on the responses I get from here and personal reflection, if my scores are where they need to be in July, I will eat the $1000 (I know future career earnings/opportunities from a better school would easily offset this), withdraw, and study for the October LSAT. If the numbers aren't close I will attend UNLV in the fall.

Sorry about the post's length, but I want to give all the relevant information frequently requested by responders for these types of posts.

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Re: Reverse Splitter (160/3.8+) Seeking Retake Advice

Postby boblawlob » Wed May 01, 2013 8:16 pm

You want a certain score?

PT at around 173/4

Worst case you get 170 on test day.

Enjoy Cornell on a nice scholarship.

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Re: Reverse Splitter (160/3.8+) Seeking Retake Advice

Postby Tekrul » Wed May 01, 2013 8:39 pm

I'm left curious to know what you are PT'ing.

You said you didn't get a good chance to study and no chance to retake. You know that this is the right move to make. When the opportunity to study HARD for 3 months, take it. You had a 160, fine, study like a maniac for that 170+ and you'll crack open everything T-14 but HYS, lower ones with money. 172+ and serious cash is coming in.

In addition, you now have WE to add to your resume. You are in a stronger position and you are not correctly taking advantage of the situation. The only thing you were missing for this cycle was a retake. Don't not do it.


Also, please take a look at this thread

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Re: Reverse Splitter (160/3.8+) Seeking Retake Advice

Postby Niners4Life » Wed May 01, 2013 10:39 pm

I was PT'ing around 164 last year when I started studying again Tekrul. Oh and thank you for the link. Those are the stories I need to be seeing right now!

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Re: Reverse Splitter (160/3.8+) Seeking Retake Advice

Postby tractal » Thu May 02, 2013 3:02 pm

If you are at 164 you're probably about 3 months of good study from 170. If you can break 168 by July (even once) I would say withdraw retake for sure. But even if you get stuck at 164-5 you would still be looking at significantly better options/scholarships.

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Re: Reverse Splitter (160/3.8+) Seeking Retake Advice

Postby TripTrip » Fri May 03, 2013 8:06 pm

Tekrul wrote:retake. Don't not do it.

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