Vote on Curricular Change Postponed

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Re: YLS Admits: Curricular change that will affect YOU!!!!

Postby naruhodo » Thu May 02, 2013 7:23 pm

ylsClinicStudent14 wrote:Hey everyone. In an amazing display of student activism working, the grading committee has agreed to postpone any votes on this issue. After meeting with some of the students who were most engaged on this issue, the chair of the grading committee recommended that the vote be postponed. The committee unanimously agreed. I cannot possibly thank admitted students enough for their support in this battle.

The fight is not over, though. This proposal, which I believe devalues and limits opportunities for clinical education and experiential learning, may be voted on again in the fall. Can't wait to organize and work with you all in the fall, when it does.

I have renewed respect for my classmates at YLS. (But I also now have very little respect for the nonclinical faculty at the school.)

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