CLS ($$) vs. Duke ($$$)

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CLS or Duke?

CLS (85K)
Duke (105K)
Total votes: 72

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Re: CLS ($$) vs. Duke ($$$)

Postby zazoo » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:11 pm

I would be shocked if you couldn't get Duke up to at least $120K.

My other 2 cents: don't underestimate the experience of law school. why put off happiness if you dont have to... full disclosure, I picked Berk over cheaper more pragmatic choices.

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Re: CLS ($$) vs. Duke ($$$)

Postby jbagelboy » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:44 pm

untar614 wrote:
jbagelboy wrote:
untar614 wrote:hahaha, nice. I had a hard time withdrawing from some waitlists even though I had a good chance of getting in off them just because I wanted to have gotten in to more top schools. But yeah, I'd say this is a good post.

Just out of curiosity, why did you withdraw off WL's? did you have to?

I didnt have to, but these were ones that after considering all options and possibilities, I wouldn't be attending, so it was just the proper thingto do. Plus for ones like GULC they really push you to say that you really intend on enrolling if admitted, and I didn't really feel like lying since I don't think they'd be giving me a full ride.

Ohh okay. I thought you meant WL's at higher schools you would attend. This is understandable.

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Re: CLS ($$) vs. Duke ($$$)

Postby BruceWayne » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:01 pm

dawyzest1 wrote:
jbagelboy wrote:I know Duke is so nice its hard to turn them down, but really, this ones easy, unless you really wanted to practice in the Carolinas. Even duke would tell you go to go cls.

This is 100% true, those Duke folks are beyond nice, but please, please go to CLS. The increased margin for error in terms of grades/rank is worth it IMO.

The bolded really isn't true for the jobs the OP says they want. DC firms either won't go deeper into the class at Columbia vs. Duke or it will be such a small difference as to be insignificant. The point in going to Columbia over Duke is to increase your chances (substantially) at NYC firms. Considering that the OP didn't mention working at a NYC firm as one of their goals, their stated preference for Duke, the lower COL, and the scholarship, the pro CLS slant doesn't really make sense.

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