$65k Duke vs $120k UCLA

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Which school should I attend for biotech patent law?

Duke $65k
UCLA $120k
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$65k Duke vs $120k UCLA

Postby anonymousq » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:44 pm

Hi, I wanted some opinions on whether I should attend Duke with a $65k scholarship vs UCLA at $120k. I have a background in biology (acquiring PhD at a top tier research university) and plan on pursuing patent law (litigation). I would like to work in California, but I'm willing to take jobs elsewhere depending on the opportunities available. I know that Duke has better national placement and superior employment figures, but patent law is a niche field that isn't well described by http://www.lstscorereports.com statistics. According to patent attorneys I've spoken to, I should do well regardless of which school I attend (but that's still just the opinions of a few people). I understand that UCLA has strong local ties, but Duke has pretty good placement in California as well. How would IP/patent firms choose between UCLA/Duke applicants with similar credentials? Does UCLA's local network offset Duke's national recognition? The other consideration is that should I have trouble finding a job in California, Duke would definitely place better on the east coast. And of course this is all balanced within the context of attending UCLA at a much lower cost.

If my ultimate goal is to pursue patent litigation in California, which school should I go with?

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Re: $65k Duke vs $120k UCLA

Postby Big Dog » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:49 pm

go back to Duke with UCLA's offer and just tell them up-front (but nicely) that costs would preclude your attendance there. See what they come back with.

(I voted UCLA since you want to end up in California, and in a depressed market, making local contacts on day 1 should be a priority.)
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Re: $65k Duke vs $120k UCLA

Postby sinfiery » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:52 pm

Normally, I'd venture to say Duke here but given your increased ability to secure gainful employment, it may be worth reducing your debt and just obtaining a decent JD.

Can anyone chime in on the differences in employment opportunities from these schools given a patent interest?

If it really is as they say where it doesn't matter, I would go with UCLA but attempt to negotiate if you can.

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