UM vs UF

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UM vs UF

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Re: UM vs UF

Postby pat4redick » Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:13 pm

cahwc12 wrote:But understand that by attending UF, your chances of getting work in Miami probably drop precipitously.

This isn't true. It is a slight decrease but not an extremely large drop, especially if OP has strong ties to the area.

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Re: UM vs UF

Postby slawww » Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:46 pm

I'd pick UF. UF has a great reputation in all of Florida, even South Florida where you'd be competing with UM. I was accepted to UM, and my UF admit letter is on its way, and I'm choosing UF. I also want to practice in South Florida. UF not only gives you options in South Florida, but it also will allow you to pursue employment throughout all of Florida should you change your mind about South Florida along the way.

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Re: UM vs UF

Postby untar614 » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:04 pm

Aroldis105 wrote:
untar614 wrote:
Aroldis105 wrote:Why no FSU? With all due respect to the south, I don't want to live in the south, and northern Florida shares way too many commonalities with the south for my liking. I'm concerned that although FSU would grant me some decent employment opportunities, many of them would be in the panhandle.

I really want to end up in Miami, but I'd be very content in Tampa, St Pete, West Palm, Naples, Sarasota, etc (anything sound of Orlando)

Are your ties specifically to south florida?

What are ur stats? any potential with a retake to get uva, duke or vandy?

South Florida ties. I could retake, I have a very strong GPA, but my concern is not returning to Florida. If I go to UVA, Duke, Vandy, could I be guaranteed the ability to return to Florida? I know those degrees have serious portability in the south, but if I don't want to practice anywhere outside of Florida (Arizona would be the exception) is it still the right decision? I also have a good offer from W&M, but from what I understand, there name is not strong enough to warrant me turning down UF/UM for essentially free.

Yeah, I wouldn't do W&M if u want florida. I'm a UF grad, and several friends have gone to Vandy to come back to FL. What they've told me is that while many FL firms may not actively recruit there, if you're from there and seek them out, they'll be receptive. And they seems to have a little more leeway in regard to grades/class rank while the better firms in Miami are mostly just gonna look at the top 10% or so from UM or UF. I can't verify how accurate that part it, but it would seem to make sense, especially since Maimi's market isn't as big as other major cities'. UVA and Duke should give u the same if not better, but at that point I'd start looking at cost.

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