Michigan (75k) vs Wayne (full-ride)

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Which school should I choose?

Wayne State
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Re: Michigan (75k) vs Wayne (full-ride)

Postby SteelPenguin » Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:10 pm

overperformer wrote:well i live in michigan and have applied to the top 3 schools here (msu, michigan, and WSU)

all i have to day is GO TO MICHIGAN

have same offers at wayne as urself (and MSU) and i am more than willingly to pay sticker (if(but probably not)) i get into michigan. and i have no intentions of ever leaving this state

i must admit my family is very wealthy so i wouldnt have to take a loan. but i dont know why people stress a loan. if u have a good job with income coming in, then i loan is just another payment. of course going to michigan would guarantee this job. WSU, well, who knows.

It's incredible how out of touch you are with non-rich folk and legal employment rates.

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