schools whose histories don't correspond with rankings?

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Re: schools whose histories don't correspond with rankings?

Postby North » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:09 am

Ling520 wrote:
North wrote:
Ling520 wrote:Without question, in 50 years the T14 will be different.

Hasn't changed much in the last 25.

That link shows a lot of change--Michigan is T3 and some schools move as much as 8 rankings--and that's just in 25 years.

A lot of change within the T14. Except for NU and Cornell being briefly outed by UCLA and UT (schools we know are good and that are still right there at the door) in 1987, the T14 has always been the T14. Unless they start counting chairs, it's unlikely that 50 years will change much that the last 25 didn't -- especially when you consider self-reinforcing nature (given the weight of peer/lawyer/judge reputation scores) of the USNWR rankings.

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