Syracuse (25k) v. Albany (32k)

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Re: Syracuse (25k) v. Albany (32k)

Postby Mr Cooper » Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:37 pm

meepmeep17 wrote:
Money to retake, not to mention the test is next month and I wouldn't have adequate time to prepare. I took the test in Feb 2012 cold... BIG mistake. After graduation I decided to retake, and I did so in Oct and raised my score 15 points. That was after 6 months of every day practicing and taking prep tests frequently. TBH, I am not up for it, I honestly believe the score I got in October is probably the best I will ever get. And I am okay with that because it was the most I have ever studied for a single test.

I would be proud to graduate from either Albany or Syracuse. I probably should have noted that in my original post. I wasn't looking for advice on retaking and upping my score and changing my options. I am proud of my options and will choose accordingly.

If someone were to pay you $80,000 to retake the test you would do it in a heartbeat. But retaking in order to save $80,000 isn't worth the effort?

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