Georgetown (sticker) v. WUSTL (15k/yr)

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Georgetown (sticker) v. WUSTL (15k/yr)

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Re: Georgetown (sticker) v. WUSTL (15k/yr)

Postby bluesky11 » Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:19 pm

TTTehehe wrote:
flem wrote:
LST has you at an estimated 205K in the hole even with scholarship. At that point, just go to Georgetown since you're fucked either way if you miss out on meaningful legal work, but at Georgetown your odds are better.

Both are incompatible with what you want, dude.

That's pretty much the bottom line. 205k with scholly this year at WUSL is crazy. 250k (I've seen that # float around) at GULC is just as crazy. If you defer at WUSL, work, and get 205k down to 150-ish k, still kind of crazy, but that's 100k less you have to worry about.

Bottom Line: GULC ONLY if you plan to do BigLaw; WUSL ONLY if you plan on deferring a year to work. Otherwise, don't go to either.

It really doesn't make sense for me to defer and work for a year. Even if I saved some money and got a better scholarship. I think the benefits would be outweighed by the cost of postponing my graduation year.

By the way, I think there are many options in between small firms and big law. After college I worked at a major boutique firm that had a nice work environment. It seemed like a good middle ground.

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Re: Georgetown (sticker) v. WUSTL (15k/yr)

Postby Lawquacious » Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:27 pm

Ruxin1 wrote:
bluesky11 wrote:
flem wrote:WUSTL is too expensive at that price, Georgetown doesn't make sense for your small goals. What other options are on the table? And I'm guessing your ducking the numbers question because you have a high GPA and a (relatively) low LSAT score and you don't want retake responses.

That's pretty much the case, yeah.

I don't have many other options aside from a few appealing wait lists. But who knows if that will lead anywhere. It's too bad they can't offer me an additional 20 - 30k, as that would pretty much seal the deal.

They WILL with just a few additional LSAT points...

You are the RETAKE Man, aren't you? But true enough, it is usually good advice.

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