Update, the kid with 170 at T4, and some test advice

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Update, the kid with 170 at T4, and some test advice

Postby fascinatingnot » Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:17 am

It's been a while, first, props to this site...maybe I can give back. First, I was a kid with horrible sub 3 GPA and 170, who chose a full ride w minor stipend and grade stipulation over the almost half at WUSL or 75% at Indiana U. I had absolutely no desire in the midwest. My stats showed that I'd either have to be top 5-10% at Indy to get big law, and top 10-15% at WUSL to get big law (even though biglaw placement is higher than that number, by not having an engineering or other specialized degree nor being a native of St. Louis, I knew my chances were limited), so I figured if I wanted big law at the T4, I'd have to be top 1-2%. But at least at T4, I'd be debt free if I got an average paying job.
So first semester, I followed this sites multiple strategies, and used so many supplements, not to mention visited my professors and tried to get as much info and clarification as possible. The tests came, and I thought they were so damn easy that everyone would do well and I would lose my scholly, so there was much stress. But it turned out I got a 3.9 and was second in the class. This got me a nice internship with a specialized trial judge at a lower state court in a major city (and I want to be a trial lawyer in this particular field). Next semester came, and I couldn't finish strong (which many people need to consider when they think they will enter school and work their asses off non stop, burnout happens). Luckily, even though I watched a ton more TV instead of studying for finals, still got a 3.8.
So, I could probably get biglaw, but only in limited (and very lame) geographic area, but still, biglaw nonetheless. But, now I feel I have a wide selection of options of where to intern and get my first job after graduation for a non biglaw job in the field I want to practice.
Most of you guys were rational when you told me that I was taking too much of a risk to goto the T4, but but it worked out, and I have this site to thank for it. But this also does somewhat add evidence to the question so seldom asked, could a kid with a superior LSAT (also there were other kids at my school with 166 LSATS) beat the field at a school with a substantially lower average LSAT?

Some advice, if anyone feels I am worthy to give it. I wouldn't do any real reading before law school, aside from maybe LEEW's...but I would listen to sum and substance on the subjects you will be taking in the fall. For me at least, (and especially to get the cases memorized in Constitutional law), it is so easy to get a gist of the subject just by listening. Again, the reason for not reading is you really don't want to burn yourself out. Trust me, we all think we are machines, and some of us are, but most of us do burnout.

O, I think all of Siegel's Q and A's are crap...criminal EandE is horrible...Emanuels Crunchtime is the best for practice multiple choice questions...and who needs a text book in constitutional law with chemerinsky and emmanuels (and sum and substance).
Also, as said many times before, the tests are like a race, and its pretty easy to pre plan ahead of time how to set up a model answer and be able to spit it out incredibly fast, so pre plan, and spend half of your time studying during finals by just typing out sample answers.
ex. In this situation, the issue is... X is.... The elements of X are 1,2,3 (followed by examples/illustrations). Policy states that... (Then incorporate the facts).
Also, during the test, it is ideal to goto the last essay, or maybe even last two essay, and outline your answer before going to the beginning to start answering (because it is at the end of the test when your brain shuts down, so it is nice to have an outline already made).

Now, do I recommend a T4 without a full or near full ride or dad's money? No (many hearts will be broken), but I hope to prove that I at least am an example that it doesn't necessarily matter what school one goes to, but it really matters who the person is when gauging success. Granted, I won't get into any V5 or whatever its called, but nonetheless, I've got a pretty good head on my shoulders, have a lot of options, and have no debt anxiety. Would I have loved a chance competing at a t14 school...of course!

O, final advice for taking the LSAT and even school exams: Why showup to tests early and sit and lose focus and get agitated, when you can just breeze in right before the test begins. Especially while taking the LSAT. It makes no sense to me to wait in a big line like a jerk. I found a comfy chair to sit in where I could look at the line, meditated a bit, and when the line was finally done, I checked in stress free.

So that's my rant or contribution...am I respected in the TLS community? Probably not, but to be cliche, "I did it my way." Thank you for your time.

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Re: Update, the kid with 170 at T4, and some test advice

Postby emkay625 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:46 am

Thanks for the exam advice. I feel like it'll be helpful so I'm tagging for future reference!

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Re: Update, the kid with 170 at T4, and some test advice

Postby splitsplat » Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:31 am

good job killing your 1L, but I think it might be too early to consider yourself a success story until you actually get the jerb you want


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Re: Update, the kid with 170 at T4, and some test advice

Postby fascinatingnot » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:06 pm

correction...got a 3.96 (prof miscalculated my grade)...first in class, all thanks to TLS

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Re: Update, the kid with 170 at T4, and some test advice

Postby jas1503 » Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:54 pm

Are you transferring to HYS?

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