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University of Melbourne

Postby gable sans stache » Fri May 25, 2012 6:44 pm

So I carpet-bombed most of the T14 last cycle (170/3.6), got GULC at sticker and waitlists on down, probably due to a weed/alcohol misdemeanor record from when I was 18. Put it off and got a job at a law journal- retaking and applying again for 2014.

Alright. So I'm considering applying to Melbourne. I have no familial ties to speak of here and salary's not a big deal to me (debt is). I feel as if I'd like Australia in the long-term more than the U.S., especially to raise my future kids. Generally, it's a quality of life type of deal. I'm thinking enviro regulatory/energy law.

Has anyone applied there? Planning on it? Any more or newer information than that in the old threads?

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