Comparing Columbia to HYS with regards to employment

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Re: Comparing Columbia to HYS with regards to employment

Postby rayiner » Sun May 06, 2012 12:25 am

TaipeiMort wrote:
rayiner wrote:
chasgoose wrote:Re: the Cravath comment, I heard something about how the interviewer was weird and didn't hire anyone that year from a friend who ended up at another V5.

That's entirely possible.

I think by and large U Chicago folks are too cerebral to go to NYC V5's. More than a third of the class stays in Illinois, almost certainly by choice considering the relative difficulty of getting a job in NYC versus Chicago. A quarter end up in NY, which means less than 50 people. In a summer class at a V10 you'll see just 2-3 U Chicago folks compared to 10-20 CLS/NYU folks.

NU is a very hard school to compare to others because there are so many ballers with work experience who transcend the curve. NU students therefore do pretty awesome at top firms, especially Kirkland and Sidley, and I'd guess V15 firms, as well as small deals firms on the West Coast like WSGR, Cooley, Goodwin Procter, etc.

I was talking about U Chicago. I saw very few U Chicago folks while I was in NYC, and I think it's by choice. Chicago and DC seem to be the top choice destinations for most people.

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