Best schools for Non-traditional Veterans

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Best schools for Non-traditional Veterans

Postby NPVLaw » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:10 pm

In determining which law schools I want to apply I previously thought it unecessary to consider my choices until after the LSAT. After browsing this site, it seems most people have target schools before they take the LSAT, and therefore target scores. It would be helpful if I could get some input beyond what I read in the traditional law school rankings/summary sites/books.

Here are my stats:

GPA info
Predicted LSAC GPA: 2.85
2000-2001 GPA: 2.3
Joined military, and ceased school until:
2009-2011 GPA: 4.0
Business school GPA (AACSB acc.)
2012: 4.0

-It would be helpful to know which schools may consider my more recent performance and which ones will only care about my LSAC GPA.

Non-quantifiable relevant admission critieria:
Overseas experience: Germany, Africa, Iraq Afghanistan
Flew over 700 combat hours as a pilot in both Iraq and Afghanistan
Fluent in German
Graduated #1 in my flight school class

-It would be helpful to know which (if any) schools would consider the above experience relevant.

As I mentioned in some other posts, I am currenlty testing 154, but I think I may be able to achieve higher with continued prep.

What I am looking for in a law school, in order of importance:
1. Must be in a nice area with safe schools for my children. We prefer towns where infrastructure for pedestrians is in place (sidewalks). We are very flexible with location, but would prefer eastern seaboard within a reasonable distance to either NY, DC, or Atlanta.

2. Veterans benefits (yellow ribbon)

3. Employment opportunities: I would like someday to have my own practice specializing in any of the following ares in order of preference:
a. mineral rights/environmental law
b. aviation law,
c. business law (helping out small businesses perhaps?)
d. criminal defense

So far, based off what I have seen from the site, I in the 50/50 acceptance rate on tier 3s and tier 4s.
Right now I am looking at:

New England School of Law in Boston
New York Law School
West Virginia

Don't hold back any criticism from my ideas, I have thick skin:-)
Thank you for any input!


rad lulz

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Re: Best schools for Non-traditional Veterans

Postby rad lulz » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:14 pm

Dude kill the LSAT and forget about those TTTs and TTTTs. Since your LSAT determines so much, come back with a real score bro.

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Re: Best schools for Non-traditional Veterans

Postby Nova » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:25 pm

Nice upward trend. Lets say your numbers are 2.85/154. With your softs, in my region, that screams Texas Tech. I know, I know, you said east coast. But honestly, TTT on the east coast tend to place worse then TTT that have their own markets (that T1 grads are not gunning for). Tech places better than nearly all TTT and loves vets (the whole city is patriotic, its part of the culture). You also have a good shot at DFW if you do well.

Matt, I think you have a 16* in you. If not by June, then by October. That would change your options considerably.

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Re: Best schools for Non-traditional Veterans

Postby mattviphky » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:45 pm

Seriously, the LSAT is learnable, and you can really improve your score with a solid amount of prep. What sections are giving you trouble? Btw, I'm a national guard vet with a 164/3.05, so I was in splitter territory as well. But I applied to a bunch of schools, one being Southern Methodist. I gave myself 50/50 odds of even being accepted, since they seem to draw the line a 165, but not only was I admitted, they also gave me a 78k scholarship. Further, they even highlighted my military service as a reason for my acceptance/scholarship. Also, if you get your score in the 170's (which is a score you should be targeting when you study), then apply to Northwestern.
btw, thanks for your service.

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Re: Best schools for Non-traditional Veterans

Postby zx92027xz » Mon May 07, 2012 3:13 pm

I was in a similar boat for this cycle, you should check out my LSN:

I had a 160, so you would be in far better shape with a great LSAT, but the military will definitely help you out in applying as long as you address it effectively.

Best of luck!


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Re: Best schools for Non-traditional Veterans

Postby NPVLaw » Tue May 08, 2012 3:11 pm

Thanks everyone for your replies--that LSN site is handy! As it stands now, I am going to wait until October to take the LSAT, and really shoot for the 160+.

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