IU-Bloomington JD/MBA ($$) vs Pitt JD/MBA($$) ...EQUAL OFFER

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What makes the most sense..

IU-Bloomington JD/MBA
Ride out Minn WL
Ride out Cardozo WL
Ride out Loyola WL
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IU-Bloomington JD/MBA ($$) vs Pitt JD/MBA($$) ...EQUAL OFFER

Postby lawyerinwaiting » Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:38 pm

Tell me what you guys think, but please keep it constructive...thanks

Ok...so...basically....Ive been accepted to IU-Bloomington & Pitt's JD/MBA programs, and Im not entirely sure what the best option is....when i got into IU-B I was incredibly excited (and still am) because of their top-30 rankings of both schools. However, upon further research, I have found some puzzling information regarding the opportunities of Maurer grads as opposed to similarly ranked schools. It "seems" they are non existent when it comes to Big Law....although Big Law isnt necessarily my end goal, I do want to go to the "overall most respected' school I can go to...and at that point i think Maurer/Kelley enjoys better recognition that Pitt???? Am I right???Secondly, Im not crazy about living in Bloomington as Im most certainly a city dude by every definition of the term.

Furthermore, my situation is a little different because wherever I end up accepting admission, I will be deferring for one year to do a very prestigious international government internship working as an aide to a head of state. I cannot retake my LSAT because i simply will not have time to prepare again. My mentors have advised I reapply with an updated resume but I still dont think itll help my abysmal LSAT and poor gpa in getting into a "better school". Point Blank.....I do not want to re-apply so I really want to just take what I can right now and maybe transfer up after my first year ( i know thats much easier said than done).

** Im currently on the waitlist (law school only) at WUSTL, Emory, SMU, OSU, Loyola-Chicago, Northeastern, Villanova, Minnesota, W&L & Cardozo, and would only consider cardozo, osu, loyola and minnesota because they are the only schools that will grant deferrals to candidates admitted from the waitlist.


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Re: IU-Bloomington JD/MBA ($$) vs Pitt JD/MBA($$) ...EQUAL OFFER

Postby Wart » Wed May 02, 2012 12:26 am

This all depends on where you want to end up and what you want to do. More details necessary.

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