Rutgers-Camden vs. Temple

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Which school would you choose for a public policy career?

Rutgers-Camden ($36k total tuition)
Temple ($60k total tuition)
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Rutgers-Camden vs. Temple

Postby mdnk35 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:57 pm

I'm interested almost exclusively in working in public policy both inside and outside of government with little to no interest in big law. I'm trying to decide between getting a Camden degree for about 35k total or a Temple degree for 60k total. I recognize that under normal circumstances, when picking between similar law schools, go with the cheaper one but obviously potential takeover talks at Camden may influence this a bit even if we are granted Rutgers degress as we have been promised we would be. I have no particular leanings either way as to working in Philly vs in NJ but wanted to hear what people had to say on this front.

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