USC (75k) vs. WUSTL (114k) vs Cornell (sticker)

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USC (75k) vs. WUSTL (114k) vs Cornell (sticker)

Postby disco_stu » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:11 pm

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Re: USC (75k) vs. WUSTL (114k) vs Cornell (sticker)

Postby rad lulz » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:22 pm

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Re: USC (75k) vs. WUSTL (114k) vs Cornell (sticker)

Postby romothesavior » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:22 pm

I think WUSTL and USC are both fine options here.

With only 30k in debt, a WUSTL degree is a steal. You'd be able to pay that off in no time. You are right that STL would be very tough to land, but other markets (including your home market) would be doable. The biggest knock on WUSTL is our lack of big firm placement, but the risk of not getting a legal job at all are quite low.

On the other hand, USC is going to place far better in the west, and it usually has about 2x the biglaw placement. Of course, it is also more expensive, so you have a bit more risk and will likely be in debt for longer, but you still will have a pretty reasonable debtload. If biglaw is something you really value, I'd say USC has to edge over WUSTL.

Cornell is risky at sticker, but is your best bet if you are truly big law or bust. I just think that given 1) the short stints most people have in NYC biglaw and 2) the significant possibility that you hate biglaw, Cornell is a bad idea even if you are lucky enough to land a biglaw job. I personally prefer the greater flexibility that lower debt brings, and I didn't want to work in NYC, so I chose WUSTL over Cornell when I was faced with the decision two years ago.

If you can, visit both USC and WUSTL and see which one you like. I don't think either is a bad call. WUSTL has less "risk," but USC has greater earning potential based on NLJ 250 data.

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