Columbia vs. Berkeley - LL.M. Program

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Columbia vs. Berkeley - LL.M. Program

Postby milancz » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:56 pm

Hi everyone,

I obtained my first law degree in the Czech Republic and I was just admitted to Columbia Law School, Berkeley Law School and UCLA School of Law for an LL.M. Program. I am still awaiting a decision from Stanford and Harvard, but my expectations are rather low.

I have worked for White&Case Prague office for 4 years and intend to focus on M&A and international business transactions during my LL.M. studies. After graduation, I would like to spend a year or two working in the US before returning to Europe, but I've heard the chances are rather low. Nevertheless, if I were lucky, I would rather work in California than in NY, but on the other hand, I suppose my chances of getting some job would be higher in NY.

I would be very grateful for any recommendations as to which law school to choose considering my goals. I read on this forum that Columbia Law graduates can be equally successful in getting job in California as Berkeley law students, however, as these posts were dated 2006-2008, I guess they do not have to be topical anymore.

Many thanks for your posts in advance! I will appreciate any recommendations.

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