SMU vs Notre Dame

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Re: SMU vs Notre Dame

Postby Lord Randolph McDuff » Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:31 pm

hey you heard the lady. let the trolls troll.

good point on the immigrants by the way, but that just persuades me more than ever that you guys are only advising based on biglawl. If so then I'll go stir up trouble elsewhere I swear it.

also the fact that more dallas firms OCI at SMU or that only 30 ND grads are in dallas according to blah blah doesn't mean much to me. all that proves is that SMU is in dallas, and most people who attend SMU want to work in the area. I'm sure there aren't many NYU grads in Lubbock but I think NYU is a super school; surely people in Lubbock agree.

you can go back and forth on this SMU or ND thing but I think we've agreed that reasonable people can differ.

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