Wake vs. UF for international student

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Wake Forest vs. UF

Wake Forest($30k scholar)
UF($42k scholar)
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Re: Wake vs. UF for international student

Postby bisonprawn » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:28 am

It sounds like you're not too concerned with the schools' reputations, rank, etc., but wondering which one would be more comfortable/better fit for a southern Chinese?

Honestly, it's pretty hard to make a recommendation in that regard. UF might have more international students, just because it's a huge school--one of the largest in US in terms of student population. You could probably find a group of fellow foreign Chinese at UF more easily (I'm guessing). But you might like being in a smaller school like Wake Forest with a more tight-knit community. It all depends on your own preferences.

You could do some research into international student clubs or ask some foreign alumni/current students of those schools (often the school's international student office will have some contacts for prospective students). Also, I would research Winston-Salem and Gainesville, just to see how convenient it is to get around (esp if you won't have a car) or what kind of cultural activities are available (sports games, concerts, restaurants, nightlife, etc.).

Thanks for your advice. FL or NC for me are only different in the weather and the convience to go to a nice beach.

Also, just to clarify, neither Winston-Salem, NC, or Gainesville, FL, are all that near a beach, though Gainesville is much closer.

Finally, I'm from the other side of the strait (Taiwan), lived in mainland for some years, and did my ugrad and grad in USA. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about living in US as a foreigner. Feel free to PM me.

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