Should i go to villanova or uconn?

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UConn or Villanova?

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Should i go to villanova or uconn?

Postby come2gether » Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:37 pm

Please let me know the pros and cons of each. Would like to practice in NYC. Also according to this, Nova places better than UConn in nlj250. isnt that strange considering its ranked way lower?


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Re: Should i go to villanova or uconn?

Postby ran12 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:08 am

The reason for that is Nova is in the Philly market whereas UConn places all over CT but there aren't as many big firms. I don't think LST is the best source for job prospects considering it's a little outdated and no one knows the true effect of Nova's scandal.

Both have pretty nice campuses. Nova is part of the UG whereas UConn is by itself in Hartford. Surrounding area for Nova is much nicer. UConn has the CT market pretty well in hand whereas Nova has more competition for its natural market. Neither is a great choice for NYC but I would personally pick UConn. UConn will also end up costing you way less b/c it's really easy to get in-state tuition after 1L and Nova's COA is a joke.

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Re: Should i go to villanova or uconn?

Postby reasonable_man » Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:02 am

Nova is an awful law school and having been caught submitting falsified admission data to the ABA didn't help matters much. UConn is a way better school. Your chances of getting into a big law firm are almost non-existent at either school, however, you have have a much better shot at a mid-market or even a "CT biglawfirm" (like a Goodwin & Proctor, etc), coming from UConn.

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