UC Hastings or USC and LSAT retake options?

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UC Hastings or USC and LSAT retake options?

Postby notaznguy » Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:12 am

Well first off, I haven't taken the LSAT yet...but I plan to do so in February and on my latest PTs, I've been averaging a solid 160. My GPA is pretty solid at 3.64 and might go a bit higher. To have a GOOD chance at being admitted to Hastings, I'll need a 163 and a 167, according to law school number's graphs and data tables. To be realistic, a 163 is definitely more likely to be within reach for me than a 167. I studied hard from June to September and went up a lot, but I feel like I'm beginning to reach my limits. It's ultimately RC that is killing me. So, I've become content with settling on UC Hastings if it comes down to it, but of course, I still want to aim for USC.

But I guess my question, if I'm dead set on working in Northern California and just about anywhere in the Bay Area, like San Francisco, Oakland (gah...) and Sacramento, would it be better going to Hastings over USC anyways? I'm from California and went to undergrad in SoCal, but have some ties to NorCal as well as I have many friends, church associates, and relatives there. I'm totally okay with living in NorCal for the rest of my life really.

That being said, what do you think I should do?

A) I can take the LSAT in Feb. Get around a 163, then just relax for the rest of my senior year and try to find a job to pay off my student debt (around 14k) since I'll be taking a year off. Then go to Hastings and enjoy rest of my life in NorCal.

B) Take the LSAT in February anyways, but if I don't get a 167, hold off looking for a job and spend my summer studying for the LSAT again for another 3.5 months (ugh...). Most likely won't find a job though as it'll be hard to find a job for a few months and then start school. This would be a gamble as I don't know if I can achieve a 167, but of course it's possible. Of course, if I did get a 167 and got into USC, I would go there without question.


P.S. Is there much in job prospect differences between these two schools? From practical experience, they appear similar. Neither are T-14s and are regional schools. I have a close relative who went to Hastings a few years ago and got a job in big law. I also 3 friends that went to USC law and 1 got a big law job, while the other 2 are working temporary/part time jobs or working in a small firm (1-2 attorneys) and not making that much.

Also, I'm looking for some positive affirmation about going to Hastings and hoping that it's not a TTT shithole, lol. Afterall, I'm beginning to think it's inevitable I may end up there and from what I've read on TLS, everything outside of the T-14 and top regional schools are shit schools T-T


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Re: UC Hastings or USC and LSAT retake options?

Postby nugap2 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:09 pm

aim high. obvi don't settle if you can do better on the lsat.

study your mistakes. your scores will still improve.

uch is an excellent school with a massive alumni network. do well and you should have excellent prospects for job placement in nor-cal. it is regardly very highly in the bay area.

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Re: UC Hastings or USC and LSAT retake options?

Postby john1990 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:41 pm

If you are taking a year off anyway then it only makes since to spend that time studying for the LSAT. Job prospects at USC are much better than at hasting and with your GPA you shouldn't settle for a low 160. I would keep studying and aim for a 170. After a year your natural reading speed could increase, mine did.


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Re: UC Hastings or USC and LSAT retake options?

Postby picklebarrel » Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:35 pm

Yup, no need to worry about this now. Study for the LSAT like it's your job and figure out which school is best for you when you have a score.

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