Why is it CCN and not NMVPB? (not flame)

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Re: Why is it CCN and not NMVPB? (not flame)

Postby rayiner » Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:57 pm

Detrox wrote:
birdlaw117 wrote:
GMVarun wrote:Notwithstanding the differences in placement between NYU and MVPB, NYU costs 74,704 at sticker and Michigan, for example, costs 67,870 at sticker. That is a difference of 20K.

Then if you account for the fact that if you NYU median numbers, Michigan's (formulaic) financial aid will probably give you at least a 10k/year scholarship. This makes the total difference between the two schools probably close to 50k over 3 years. The debate should be really framed in these terms: is the x% increase in likelihood of getting a job (and perhaps it being in a V50) worth the 50k (at least with respect to Michigan). Depending on what x actually is, for some it likely will be and for others it will not be.

The flip side would be is x% decrease worth living in Michigan...
Also, NYU's LRAP is probably worth something too.

Obviously I have a huge bias after choosing NYU over Columbia and Michigan, but yea if you're going to go into the details of tuition, you may as well go into examining cost of living (point to M), atmosphere and location (arrogant point to N), etc.

I'm curious as to whether N really doesn't belong in the T6 (or if it should just be T5 what have you), in terms of not only Biglaw placement which is the obsession of this board, but for things like academia, gov't and especially clerkships. I've heard conflicting data especially on the last point as to whether Columbia dominates NYU in clerkships and that also along this metric Chicago could appear a peer to HYS. Thoughts?

For clerkships, the most recent data we have is USNWR's reporting on C/O 2009, and that shows CCN along with NU and Berkeley at the 8-9% range, and MVP along with Duke in the 10-12% range. However practically speaking these are all basically the same range and fluctuate wildly every year with peoples' preferences. The real difference comes at the HYS range (18-27%).

In terms of academia, Leiter ranks CLS and NYU together in the same tier as Berkeley, Michigan, Virginia, and Duke: http://leiterrankings.com/new/2011_LawTeachers.shtml. Harvard, Stanford, and Chicago are in another tier and Yale is in a tier by itself.

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Re: Why is it CCN and not NMVPB? (not flame)

Postby Detrox » Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:19 pm

Interesting data on the academia placements and data that seems odd at first glance to me for clerkship data. Is any of this controlled for the relative differences in quality and, for lack of a better word, prestige in the clerkship positions obtained? (i.e. COA 2nd/9th/DC vs. 6th/10th vs. district sdny etc.).

Just seems odd to me that theres such a dearth of data on something pretty important, but I guess it only applies to a small subset of students...

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