PhD to Patent Attorney - bad idea?

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PhD to Patent Attorney - bad idea?

Postby Raptorman10k » Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:21 pm

My UG was Chemistry and Microbiology and I have my PhD in Biomedical Science from a "public Ivy".
I'm getting long in the tooth (37 yrs old) but I want to transition into patent law.
I'm currently finishing my 5th year as a post-doctoral fellow at a large research institute and I'm not seeing tenure-track positions in my future.
I would like to attend a T1 law school in the Midwest (Iowa, Minn, Wisc, NW).

A few questions for you:

Will there be positions for PhD-Patent attorneys with my background and education when I graduate? (is the market saturated?)
What are patent attorneys with my background earning? (the numbers seem all over board).
Last question - am I crazy going to law school at age 37? Is that going to hurt me in any way looking for a job?


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Re: PhD to Patent Attorney - bad idea?

Postby mrtoren » Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:28 pm

I've heard mixed opinions on age and law school. A lot of people claim that larger law firms will almost completely bypass the older students for the younger ones. And while patent law is arguably the best field of law to go into at the moment, it too has been affected by the economy. Honestly, law is not a field to pick because you're looking for a new flavor of the moment. Its not easy money anymore. If you have a successful career in the works, don't gamble with law. Science fields are booming right now, so it has to be easier to find work out there than it will be in the legal sector.

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