Southern law schools such as Ole Miss. Thoughts?

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Re: Southern law schools such as Ole Miss. Thoughts?

Postby mpj_3050 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:00 am

Forgive me because I've had a few nightcaps; but, I'll talk about Ole Miss cause only one person knows who I am. I'm a starting 1L and we just had orientation:

1. People here, like Aberzombie has said, are pretty clueless about how shitty the legal and general job markets are. They seriously have crazy-ass post-graduation plans.
2. They are giving out more scholarships than years past but only a few of us seem to have in-state tuition scholarships or any additional monies. I'm sitting at out-state-tuition waiver and 5k a year and I question my decision.
3. I'm pretty sick of hearing about the new building. Building doesn't equal job prospects. I'd attend Yale in a van down by the river.
4. The town is actually really cool and the girls are hot but so fucking what. Don't go to Ole Miss if you expect like 80k or some shit upon graduation - seriously these kids have these kind of expectations. Debt level is crucial. They gave us the look to the right, look to the left speech. They said don't worry you won't fail out - not worried about failing out. 1/3 will not get legal jobs so not failing out really doesn't matter.

I think that Ole Miss is a good bet, I hope, if you are paying in-state and budget your money correctly.

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