Is NYU worth sticker if I don't want BigLaw?

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Re: Is NYU worth sticker if I don't want BigLaw?

Postby pacers3177 » Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:52 pm

kwais wrote:
katie96 wrote:
PSUdevon wrote:I'm not even a 0L, but a rising college senior. I interned at a small law firm two summers ago (one of the 3 partners was a family friend, and was doing me a favor). The firm handled pretty much everything, from family law to defense to real estate to PI, but at one point, the partner went out of his way to tell me "No matter what you end up doing, don't do matrimonial." I sat in court a couple times and watched him argue divorce cases. It was soul-shattering.

You don't want to handle divorces, bro.

Actually, I really do. And, I'm a woman, bro.


Because she wants to charge someone $500/hour to get them weekend visits and the time share.

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Re: Is NYU worth sticker if I don't want BigLaw?

Postby WSJ_Law » Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:05 am

katie96 wrote: This is true. I am just so sick of people on TLS bashing the career ambitions of others.

Have fun in shitlaw/family law/animal law.

Dont want big lawl...Psh... Troll.

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