Taking the LSAT now and waiting a year to apply

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Taking the LSAT now and waiting a year to apply

Postby jmjones » Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:10 pm

I want to take the LSAT but not sure if I want to apply, yet. I'll be a senior this fall and I'll be taking the LSAT in October. However, I also want to take a year off.

Should I still apply to schools this year or just wait to apply when I'm ready? What are the pros and cons of deferring after acceptances?
How are applicants who apply twice to a given institution evaluated as opposed to the first time? For instance, lets say Columbia rejects me with a 3.5 but then I re-apply with a 3.6 and same LSAT score, how will that affect chances?

Also, how will the off year affect my application? I plan on developing Arabic language skills in the M.E./N. Africa (hopefully)

Thanks for the responses :mrgreen:

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Re: Taking the LSAT now and waiting a year to apply

Postby mrtoren » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:48 am

I took it about a year early. Maybe closer to 8 months. Looking back, I kind of regret it. I prepared, but no where near to the level that I should have. If I had waited even an extra two months and taken it, it would have paid off. Now I have a decent, but not excellent, score and absolutely no motivation to put myself through hell again to take the same test over.

IMHO, I wouldn't apply unless you plan to attend. I think people abuse the deferring privilege. Its meant for extraordinary situations that arise after applying or being admitted. If you know you don't want to attend, apply the following cycle. You'll probably come with better numbers anyways.

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