Harvard at Sticker vs. UChicago with a full scholarship?

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Re: Harvard at Sticker vs. UChicago with a full scholarship?

Postby IndyHCKM » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:40 am

bk1 wrote:
IndyHCKM wrote:
bk1 wrote:
dakatz wrote:Are you kidding? Chicago in a heartbeat. Going to a T6 school for free. FREE! Compare that to 200K in debt for similar job prospects. I don't know what marginal difference could justify 200K in debt in this situation. I know 2 Harvard law graduates, and they constantly say that they wish they had just taken a lower T10 with full tuition. So I'm guessing they would easily say the same if it were a T6 school with full tuition.

Oh? I didn't realize that the Rubenstein included a stipend to cover cost of living.

As a recipient of the Rubenstein, my understanding is that it does not. The money part of the scholarship is strictly full-tuition (however, if tuition rises, the scholarship continues to cover the full price).

It was a joke because I am tired of hearing every topic about this saying "lolololol 200k debt versus FREEFREEFREE" and trying to point out that a full tuition scholarship does not mean 0 debt.


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