For NYC - McGill or Cardozo

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For employment stateside

McGill (basically free)
Cardozo ($60k debt)
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Re: For NYC - McGill or Cardozo

Postby Noval » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:27 pm

adt231 wrote:
Noval wrote:Overall job prospects in U.S.: Cardozo wins out.

Noval wrote:If you don't mind practicing in a way less saturated market(Canada) with a fairly good chance to hit biglaw directly or indirectly, go to McGill, you'll still have the chance to try for Boston/NYC BigLaw(But only Top-20-30% gets it from McGill unless you got a killer connection).

These seem like inconsistent claims since Cardozo's biglaw placement is only about 13%.

What i'm trying to say is that if you go to McGill and hit Top 30%, you'll have a decent shot to Boston/NYC Firms, but nothing is guaranteed as most of the McGill grads who get these jobs did massive networking (Alumni base is your best tool).

But if you want Toronto BigLaw, it will be a lot easier, as it favors UofT, McGill and Osgoode grads.
If you want Montreal BigLaw, then it's a guaranteed job as anyone from McGill gets an interview and the only real competition you get for these jobs are those from UdeM(University of Montreal)...

All of this + the possibility to become a Civil Law Notary if you learn French or get in-house jobs straight out school(In Canada it's different) with no debts at all.

If you pick Cardozo at sticker and miss the BigLaw boat(90% chance it will happen), then you're doomed, period.

But if your FIRST concern is to work in U.S., then forget McGill as it only allows you to sit for MA/NY Bars.
At this point, you should retake and get in a better Law School or try to get a decent scholly from Cardozo.

PS:If you can speak french, you can bypass the LSAT requirement for McGill, but keep in mind that you must report your score if you already did it + McGill doesn't view the LSAT like U.S. Law Schools, it will mainly focus on your grades, your ECs and your letter of recommendations, a student with tons of ECs + humanitary trip to africa with shitty LSAT score but decent GPA will get an offer before the dude with a 4.0 from History and a 175 in LSAT but no ECs at all, even if he comes from Harvard or some other expensive UG.

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