CA schools?!

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Where should I go in CA?

UC Davis ($27,000 in Grants)
UC Hastings ($11,000 in Grants - asking for me)
Loyola Law ($29,000 schol 1/3 stip)
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CA schools?!

Postby ucsd2011 » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:37 am

I am currently deciding between these three schools. I do not mind living in SF or LA. I am originally from the Bay Area. I visited all three law schools and I have to say, Loyola definitely had the best feel, Davis in second and Hastings in last. However, these are just from a small sample of admitted students and not necessarily how I may feel during my 1L year. In terms of location, I am more of an urban kid. I was not a real big fan of the city of Davis and would much rather live in SF or LA.

I guess my question is this. I know Davis is objectively the best of the three schools, but in an HONEST (and hopefully unbiased opinion), what can it give me more than Hastings and Loyola? I have a SO living in LA right now and that is definitely a consideration (albeit, I am trying to not allow this to make my decision). If all the responses are simply "prestige" from rankings, then I honestly do not think Davis will offer me much more than Hastings or Loyola. In fact, I honestly do not think Davis is a 23 school. I think they are a low T30s school (they just know how to play the game properly). And Hastings has the value of gaining networking simply because they are in the city. I assume living in Davis would make for a much more difficult chance of trying to network during the week at certain events.

Hastings was always my "dream" school and I always thought I would go there, but financially, it's the worst of the three. I tried contacting the financial aid office, but they are pretty stiff on grants and schollys. If I want to do Criminal Law, no questions asked Loyola would be the best bet as they have a program that gives you a nice internship within the field of crim law (not to mention they have Professor Laurie Levenson who use to be a US Attorney and she kicks ass in lecture). Living in LA is also not a bad prospect.

Please try and be as unbiased as possible, even if you go to any of the aforementioned schools. This is definitely a hard choice and I have been going back and forth on this decision for weeks! Thanks in advance.


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Re: CA schools?!

Postby ipod » Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:39 am

My only gripe with Loyola is the stip... don't think sticker there is worth it over H/D. Try to get more $$$ out of Hastings?

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