UVA ($$) vs. NYU

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NYU vs UVA ($$)

UVA ($$)
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UVA ($$) vs. NYU

Postby dearsergio » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:48 am

Hi guys,

I'm a first time poster (although I've definitely been looking at these forums since my application process began).

Crunch time is coming for the big decision, and after eliminating a bunch of schools for a variety of reasons (including some that probably aren't as practical, such as quality of life reputation at UChicago), I'm down to two choices: NYU and UVA. NYU is right now at sticker price. I appealed the decision, but I won't hear back until after April 15, and at that point will have less than 2 weeks till deposit deadline. UVA gave me $75K which was one of the most generous scholarships I received from anywhere, including lower-ranked schools (only UCLA matched that, but I'm not really considering it at this point).

I'm interested in international law, broadly speaking and definitely PI oriented (although I realize a ton of 0Ls say PI and end up at Biglaw). In theory, I'm not opposed to Biglaw, but I just don't see myself surviving the crazy working hours. Plus I think PI work, if I could actually find it, would be more interesting/ fulfilling). In any case, PI is ideal, but I recognize things might change once I'm actually in law school.

Location is SUPER important for me. I visited Charlottesville, and it was definitely very nice (the student body was amazingly friendly/ fun which is also important to me), but I am more of a big city person and I want to end up in NYC eventually (I realize UVA could lead me there as well, but I also generally liked NYU better). In any case, the decision would be much easier if money wasn't such a factor.

I've gotten a lot of advise saying money doesn't matter, because if I go Biglaw debt wouldn't be SUCH a huge deal, and if I go PI, in theory LARP would take care of me at NYU. However, the legal economy being what it is right now, and the fact that PI jobs are so hard to get, I'm afraid taking on a bigger debt-load considering the schools are comparable in rankings is stupid. Especially if I end up in a NYC biglaw firm anyway.

Any advise would be very much appreciated.
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Re: UVA ($$) vs. NYU

Postby bk1 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:51 am

UVa easily considering your CoA will be about 120-130k versus 210k+ at NYU. NYU is not worth 100k more than UVa.

UVa will get you NYC just fine.

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Re: UVA ($$) vs. NYU

Postby yngblkgifted » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:54 am

I second that. UVA no question. Unless you have a dire need to live in NYC, go to UVA.

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Re: UVA ($$) vs. NYU

Postby birdlaw117 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:01 am

I would lean toward UVA as well. There is definitely value in being in a place you enjoy more (and it sounds like you would like NYU more). However, the 100k difference in COA is a LOT. If you really think you'll go into PI that difference would probably shrink to 30k (maybe? this is a very rough guess) after factoring in LRAP. That difference MIGHT be worth going to NYU over UVA. I guess it comes down to how likely you think you are going into PI (sounds like medium), and how much more you would be willing to pay to be in NYC during school (that's a judgement you'll have to make on your own).

I realize this may not be the most helpful as far as helping you decide, but these are the issues I think you need to consider when making this decision. Hope this helps! (And if you choose NYU I'll be looking forward to meeting you!)

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