Want to work in CA PI Environment Law help me choose schools

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Want to work in CA PI Environment Law help me choose schools

Postby veleda » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:06 am

Hey everyone!

I'm a long-term lurker, first time poster. I'm having a drastically difficult time choosing schools like everyone..

I want to work in california public interest environmental law..maybe for the EPA. I got denied at berkeley and haven't heard back from stanford (unlikely) or UCLA..which are the obvious choices as they are top schools and in the west coast.

I got into Hastings (30k scholarship), Davis (none)

I am waitlisted at Vanderbilt and George Washington.

Full Ride at U. of Indiana-Bloomington and U. of Illinois at Champaign.

I also got accepted into Boston College(sticker) and U. of Minnesota(60k).

I'm waiting to hear back from more schools but in the meantime need to put down deposits. I'm stuck debating between west coast schools whose rankings are lower and midwest or east coast higher ranking schools. Also as someone interested in public interest law..i find the full rides appealing at Indiana and Illinois (though I'm a san francisco girl and the idea of living in a small town..is well..scary). In terms of environment law - Boston College is the only one in top 20 for EL (unless I get accepted into GW) though Indiana's website seems to suggest a strong EL presence as does UC Davis's. Davis and IUB seem equally ranked in public interest law...in the 30s..

:: sigh :: I think I could pull out my hair.. its really hard to know what is best into an Environmental public policy job in San Francisco.

i would LOVE any advice you all could offer.

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