UConn vs. St. John's

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UConn vs. St. John's

Postby _confunded_ » Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:56 pm

Alright, so I'm having trouble deciding between these two schools and I thought maybe you guys could give me some feedback. :)

As a NH resident I get 75% tuition for the first year plus a $10,000 scholarship, bringing it down to $26,240
For 2nd and 3rd years I'll be eligible for in-state, which is $20,712, bringing my total for 3 years up to $67,664
The cost of living in Hartford is much lower than NYC and I could probably get a decent apartment that allows cats for $700-$800 a month.
Other expenses would also be cheaper than NYC, so I could probably get away with spending about $800/month on food, gas, utilities, etc.
I LOVED the campus, it was definitely my favorite of the four schools I visited recently.
It's perfectly halfway between my home town and NYC, so I'd have access to both (I currently go to school in Rochester, NY, so a 2 hour drive is nothing for me).
Ranked much higher than St. John's.
Job prospects are not GREAT, but better than St. John's and it has great placement in the New England area.
From what I read, it has a tight-knit student body, which is a plus.
A big con is that Hartford has a higher crime rate than New York.

St. John's
They gave me $30,000/year with a top 40% stipulation, so tuition for three years would be $42,840 total (assuming I can stay in the top 40% and obviously not counting tuition increases). EDIT: I just got a response to my negotiation letter and they're increasing my scholarship to $40,000/year with the same stipulations.
The cost of living is much higher than in Hartford. If I got a studio in Brooklyn or Queens it would still probably be over $40,000 for three years just in rent.
Other living expenses would be more $$$ too, so I'd likely be spending over a grand a month on food, transportation, utilities etc.
The commute would be a bitch to and from campus.
However, there's better access to the city from Queens than there is from Hartford, obviously.
I really liked their law building but did not love it as much as UConn's campus.
Possibly more internship and networking opportunities, since there's a bigger population. However, job prospects are blech compared to other NYC schools (but also better than others).
Practically falling off the rankings list - though I realize outside of T14 it hardly matters.

So... there's all that. From my rough estimates, even though UConn would cost much more in tuition, the actual overall money spent for all three years would somewhat even out, though St. John's might remain cheaper despite the cost of living. I also have no interest in Biglaw... I'd actually prefer working as an ADA in whatever city or town I end up in, so I'm certainly not looking for a school that will get me a job with a fat paycheck. I don't feel as though any DA's office would look down on either school, but UConn might be more successful at placing me. Location also isn't a big concern for me - I'm not dead set on working in NYC after graduation, so St. John's doesn't have that advantage.

Yeah. This post was pretty long-winded. I'd just like any input! Thanks! :)
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Re: UConn vs. St. John's

Postby PeterD2189 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:11 pm

i am currently enrolled at St Johns as an undergrad, so from personal experience, i feel that UConn would be better from a financial point of a view. Also, i feel that St John's administration can be tough to deal with ESPECIALLY with financial aid/grants, i also feel that St. John's is a little overrated. Also UCONN is rated higher in the top 100, so its cheaper, and is rated higher, it hurts to go against my School, but to be honest, i'd take UCONN and it seems to me you'll enjoy your experience at UCONN more. hope this helps and good luck with your process.

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Re: UConn vs. St. John's

Postby snapdragon » Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:22 pm

I voted UConn. Seems pretty clear - it's a higher ranked school, better job prospects, cheaper, you like the area, etc. I don't see a good pro to St John's here, except access to the city.

(ps getting to NYC from Hartford is NOT that easy/short, if that's a concern.)

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