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Postby acm212 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:06 pm

I'm originally from Ohio, so I'd get in-state tuition, plus $8500/ year scholarship, but I'd get a tuition equalizer from Georgia so the price is virtually the same. I visited both places and liked both, have family in Atlanta and Cincinnati, and could see myself working in both states. I liked Georgia's campus better than Ohio State's, but not sure if I'd feel out of place in the south. Any advice? Would job prospects be better at Moritz because its in Columbus? Are Ohio and Georgia comparable with job opportunities? Thanks!


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Re: OSU vs. UGA

Postby bartleby » Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:53 pm

i'd like to know as well now that i'm in at osu. but i think for oos, it will be considerably more expensive for me vs georgia's equalizer.

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Re: OSU vs. UGA

Postby Patriot1208 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:31 pm

Comparable job opportunities on their respective states with tosu having a slight edge in domination but GA has more large firms. Pick the option in the state that you like better, for me, that is ohio.

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