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NY Jobs Cardozo (16k), St. John's (full), Washington and Lee (sticker)

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Re: For NY ADA, STJ (full), Cardozo (half), W&L (sticker)

Postby binghamtonalum » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:25 am

TCR? Not sure what that stands for. But, I've decided to attend because of the short and possible long-term financials. I'm debt-averse, and who isn't, and the potential to graduate with no out-of-pocket expenses in this market is one I cannot pass up. I am confident enough in myself and willing to work hard enough to look past the section-stacking allegations. Even if I slip up, there are reduced tuition costs which I am okay to take loans out for OR I'm looking at the possibility of transferring.

In this market and economy, I believe it to be the shrewdest and safest decision that I can make. Best case, I keep my scholarship all 3 years, work hard, clinic, and get a job in a DA's office with no debt. Also, St. John's does incredibly well in the DA's and Public Defender's Office. All in all, while my decision may be short-sighted, I believe it to be the best option that I have.

With a few weeks to go until deposit deadline (4/15 after granted an extension by St. John's), time will tell as I have several other schools I need to hear back from.

**Just a note, I have been tirelessly working to get rid of the stips, seems like they don't really negotiate.

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