Entertainment Law: UCLA or NYU

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Entertainment Law: UCLA or NYU

Postby AllTrialNoError » Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:29 am

It's getting down to decision-making-time; here's the skinny on me:

- Want to work in the entertainment industry when I grow up (movie studio/tv network, or talent representation)
- Have a sizable offer from UCLA, am waiting to receive NYU offer's (they mailed it to my school address, but we're on break...)
- Like warm climates a lot

Does anybody know anything about:

- What job placement looks like, from each school into the entertainment industry
- What the film/TV communities are like at each school (open and accessible to "outsiders" like law students, or do they keep to themselves?)

Thanks a bunch if you're able to help! Hopefully this helps others in my situation too!


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Re: Entertainment Law: UCLA or NYU

Postby Fark-o-vision » Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:21 am

USC. But seriously, UCLA. Or USC. If you want to work in television or movies, you go with the biggest area possible. Also, grab for the scholarship. Event he few successful people I know in entertainment got there through a few lean years. UCLA with money equals your best chance.

If you want biglaw, or anything else, obviously NYU. but for entertainment only, people underestimate how much USC and UCLA dominate the Hollywood landscape.

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