BYU v Utah v Wake Forest

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Which school should I attend?

Wake Forest (22k per year)
BYU (Still waiting on acceptance)
Utah (6800 for one semester)
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Re: BYU v Utah v Wake Forest

Postby bigkahuna2020 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:07 am

Veyron wrote:
bigkahuna2020 wrote:Not just Jersey, NYC and LI is like this also. Jersey is a pretty protected legal market though (especially in private practice, people at times will take Seton Hall's top 10% over say---someone equivalent from GW or such)

Most of this applies almost exclusively to small law firms. For example, the labor firm I referred to is an almost 100 year old firm in NYC, and probably could be considered boutique

A firm that pays 1/3 market isn't a botique.

And the snottiness comes out again. Have fun being a know it all, then flaming out painfully.

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Re: BYU v Utah v Wake Forest

Postby bergg007 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:07 pm

esq wrote:
bergg007 wrote:Dude, go to Wake.

We can Mormon it up together!!! If you are committed to the Utah market go to utah, I say this as a huge BYU fan, but I live really close to Utah's law school and my Landlord is a U Law grad and it is way easier and frienlier than the Y. The Y is more Portable and you learn more but it is cutthroat because overqualified mormon gunners go there and jack up the curve, plus I'm sure you've heard stories of people ripping pages out of the law books in the library for an edge. The Y is a way better school, but you'll be happier from the U. I was just at wake, infact I'm in the ATL airport flying home as i write this, and I loved it. I'm leaning heavily towards wake right now. So, yeah, Wake is awesome and the U is easy.

Did I just get Jimmered? Just don't go become a fan of Wake basketball while you're out there. Teams from North Carolina piss me off.

BYU comes first always.

But I do like Duke because they play smart ball. Wake didn't have a team this year, but I would've gone to the games because law sutdents get tickets to their teams FREE!!!!

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