Hofstra (full ride) vs. USD (90k)

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Hofstra (full ride) vs. USD (90k)

Postby smittelman6 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:20 pm

I REALLY NEED HELP! i am having a serious issue and although i've really done the research, i am still feeling very, very lost here.

hofstra: full tuition, top 40% stip (total debt load <10k)
san diego: 30k/yr, top 33% stio (total debt load ~85k)


grew up on long island, so i've lived here all my life and could live at home as long as i wanted to if i went to hofstra. my total debt load coming out would probably be close to 0.

however, i really am not happy in new york, and do not want to live/work/be here. although 0 debt would be amazing, the job prospects at hofstra are really shaky (overcrowded market, cardozo grads cant even get jobs, etc).

i would LOVE to move to san diego-- the city is amazing and the weather really cannot be beat. i can definitely picture myself living there for at least 10 years after graduation, so i have no problem with the limited reach of job prospects-- although the 60% employment rate is daunting, i am very much a "go-getter", and i think i will be able to find something.

things to consider:

-no legal connections in either city
-parents/friends all live in NY, but my sister and her bf live in SD which would be enough family for me
-i would like to finish paying off my debt by the time i'm 30... i.e. if i went to USD, i would need a job that pays at least 65k coming out of school in order to be able to do this

i know things are sort of stacked for hofstra, but i think the reason i'm doing this is i want someone to sort of tell me i'm not making a huge mistake if i choose san diego...


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Re: Hofstra (full ride) vs. USD (90k)

Postby bhan87 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:24 pm

You don't want to work in NY + you have a significant scholarship at USD + you would love to live in SD = Seems pretty obvious.

The only concern would be the 33% stipulation, but even if you lose it, USD will give you better chances at employment than Hofstra


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Re: Hofstra (full ride) vs. USD (90k)

Postby fakemoney » Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:36 pm

Based on the info you gave, I think the clear choice is to go to USD and work like a dog (unless the ever-popular "retake" is out of the question).

Hofstra could potentially leave you with less debt, but if you don't want to be in NY, what's the point? Just don't assume the job market in San Diego isn't going to be a tough nut to crack either.

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