BU vs W&M vs Fordham - Need Help Deciding!!

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BU vs Fordham vs W&M

BU (Sticker)?
W&M (In-state tutition)?
Fordham (Sticker)?
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BU vs W&M vs Fordham - Need Help Deciding!!

Postby ccurley07 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:58 am

Hey-- So I've been accepted at all three, and am currently having a really hard time deciding between them. BU and Fordham are sticker price, William and Mary is public tution (so about 20,000/yr cheaper). I can fully cover W&M with Stafford Loans vs the $30,000/yr in private loans I'll need to take out for the BU/Fordhman. I'm leaning towards BU b/c I've heard such great things about their professors and programs. Also Boston is suppossed to be an amazing town. I don't really have any preference working in Boston vs NYC, and I've been living in DC for a while, but wouldn't especially love to come back (but would choose DC over Richmond if I went to W&M). Forham is even more expensive, and I wasn't wowed when I visited, so unless I hear something amazing in the next few weeks, that's out. I want the opportunity to work in a top law firm or get a great clerkship (among the scraps left from the T14 lol).

Basically, I'm trying to decide if BU is "awesome" enough to disregard the cheap tutition at W&M. Thanks for all you help!!!


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Re: BU vs W&M vs Fordham - Need Help Deciding!!

Postby SupraVln180 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:19 pm

If you want NY or MA go to BU, if you want DC go to Will & Mary. I wouldn't go to Fordham, but that's preference.

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