Drexel v. Widener

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Drexel v. widener

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Drexel v. Widener

Postby omarlos » Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:14 pm

although its between the two lesser tier schools in philly I did receive substantial scholarships from both. with $$ being a major issue in my law school choice I am wondering which of the two is better/more recommended.

what I know/think I know so far:
Widener cons - attrition rate, not much philly base
Widener pros - Access to Wilmington jobs, alumni base

Drexel pros - current students enjoy it, co-op program
Drexel cons - Zero alumni base, an unknown school outside a 5 mile radius

Any insight is very helpful, if my assumptions are true or way off I'd like to know, thanks for the help


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Re: Drexel v. Widener

Postby LSATclincher » Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:40 pm

From everything I hear, there's a harsh curve at Widener, so maintaining a scholarship would likely be very stressful. For that alone, I'd choose Drexel. I'm not one to say "re-take," so my advice would probably be to pick a different legal market in which to practice. Graduating from either of these schools would place you behind Temple, Nova, Rutgers-C, and maybe even PSU/Pitt graduates.

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