Temple vs Pitt vs Maryland

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Re: Temple vs Pitt vs Maryland

Postby HeavenWood » Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:01 pm

Temple for Philly, Pitt for Pittsburgh, Maryland for Baltimore.


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Re: Temple vs Pitt vs Maryland

Postby Wholigan » Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:03 pm

2things2 wrote:
Wholigan wrote:
2things2 wrote:Can you explain why it doesnt mean anything? And the numbers don't include public service jobs, it literally says this:
Temple's median private sector starting salary: 135k
Maryland's median private sector starting salary: 70k

How can I ignore that I would be making twice as much money coming out of Temple?

A- Never believe the school's salary info. They all game the system.
B- Do not assume you will be making any particular amount of money by attending any school whatsoever in these tiers. If you do, the admissions people have you right where they want you. See 'A'.
C- I would not be shocked if the actual numbers were skewed toward Temple when it comes to salary. They have identical NLJ 250 placement, and Temple places the vast majority in Philly, where market is $145k. I believe market is $125k in Baltimore (someone correct me if I'm wrong) where the majority from UMD no doubt place. That is not going to account for a $55k difference, but it's something.

I thank you for your attempt, but this doesn't explain anything. I give up.

I guess this is why most people here give snarky one-line answers and don't actually try to explain anything. If you don't get it by now, giving up might not be a bad idea. Just believe that half of the graduating class can make at least whatever number the law school spits out as a median.

In a last-ditch attempt at what seems like the impossible, understand that in a graduating class of 200, the "private sector median" is often extracted from a pool of 50 or so students. All they need is 25 over $x to come up with $x as a median. That's 25 students out of 200. And you can guarantee that the career service office knows which students got good firm jobs and aren't going to rest until each and every one responds. The rest of the class? If they don't return the survey or just happen to leave out salary info, well the CSO tried, what else can they do?

Edit: FuManChusco beat me to it and is exactly right.

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