How does each top 20 school do OCI

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How does each top 20 school do OCI

Postby carboy67 » Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:26 am

Please contribute anything you know about the process for each school's OCI. I've only found Vanderbilt's online and attached it. I think it would be a good resource for prospective students to know how OCI is conducted and how it would affect the competitiveness of that school.

1. Yale-
2. Harvard-
3. Stanford-
4. Columbia-
5. Chicago-
6. NYU-
7. Berkeley-
8. Penn-
9. Michigan-
10. Virginia-
11. Duke-
12. Northwestern-
13. Cornell-
14. Georgetown
15. Texas
16. UCLA-
17. Vanderbilt- Using the employers’ hiring criteria as a guide, students submit ranked bids for on-campus interviews. Their resumes are then made available to the employers for whom they bid. If there are enough slots on the employer’s interview schedule(s) to allow all bidding students to have an interview, all are given interviews.

If there are not enough slots on the employer’s interview schedule(s) for all bidding students to have an interview, the employer may preselect students to fill 50% of their interview slots. The remaining 50% of the slots are filled by students who submitted the highest ranked bids for that employer.

If an employer’s hiring criteria includes a required minimum GPA cut-off, the employer is not obligated to interview students who fall below this minimum requirement. Please note that Vanderbilt Law School does not rank students individually in their class and there are no published cumulative percentile rankings. The only mark of distinction published is the Dean’s List, which is a non-cumulative breakdown of the top 20% per semester.

Employers whose interview schedules are not filled by bidding students may get additional candidates through the Open Sign-Up process. This follows the bidding process whereby students are allowed to sign up for open slots on interview schedules after the bidding students have been scheduled for interviews. The same hiring criteria will be posted for these sign-ups as were posted for the initial bidding process. Employers who prefer to limit their interviews to those students who initially submitted bids for them may do so and bypass the Open Sign-Up process by notifying Career Services.
18. USC-
19. WashU-
20. GW-

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Re: How does each top 20 school do OCI

Postby Bosque » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:00 am

You could have just said 50% preselect 50% lottery and saved yourself a lot of time.

Duke is 100% lottery. I know UVA is a mix, like Vanderbilt. Not sure about the others.


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Re: How does each top 20 school do OCI

Postby Renzo » Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:09 am

NYU and CLS are both 100% lottery. But this information is less helpful than you think. Even at schools that are 100% lottery, the grade-screenign firms still have cutoffs; the lottery just allows you to waste some interviews if you want.

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