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Re: BU vs GW

Postby haveaniceday111 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:26 am

My big interest is public international law, but eventually I'd like to do gov't/regulatory relations stuff with a big law firm, or get into diplomacy/int'l development (State Department, advising NGOs, diplomats, immigrants, refugees, human rights, treaties, stuff like that).

But as far as cities are concerned, Boston seems to be more of my type than DC is.

I guess the question is, does GW really have that much of an upper-hand with international law?

@blindmelon - what's the National Security group at BU like? What makes it fantastic?

Also, is anyone on the law review at either of these schools? I'm finishing up reading "The Bridge," (the Obama biography by David Remnick) and there's a part that talks about the culture at Harvard Law Review. Are law reviews really that cut throat? Can anyone share what the law reviews are like at each school? (This is purely on the off-chance that I'm even able to make law review. More of a curiousity factor than a decision-making one.)

Thanks in advance.

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