Bigger difference btwn t14 and t20 or t20 & rest tier-one?

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Re: Bigger difference btwn t14 and t20 or t20 & rest tier-one?

Postby DeeCee » Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:09 pm

paulinaporizkova wrote:
eek i'm not being rude - just sarcastic. i'm actually going through EXACTLY the same dilemma - UVA or big $$$ at UMN. and it's been a really hard decision for me. just when i start thinking i made the right choice all the old doubts start coming back. i feel you, don't get me wrong.

Sorry to be snappy to you. I just get upset when people make fun of those who aren't going to the T14, but I see that you were more kidding with me since you have a similar dilemma. :)

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Re: Bigger difference btwn t14 and t20 or t20 & rest tier-one?

Postby beachbum » Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:37 pm

Marionberry wrote:
Informative wrote:^ Did you visit many others? USC, UCLA, UT, Vandy, and BC are all peer schools with nicer law school facilities, especially when you consider how many students are supposed to fit in the GWU building (not including their night program). Not to mention GULC which is in DC (it is not on the UG campus).

Have you ever visit the UT Law facilities? They're pretty unimpressive.

Ditto for USC.

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Re: Bigger difference btwn t14 and t20 or t20 & rest tier-one?

Postby FalafelWaffle » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:10 pm

nigelfrost wrote:
bk1 wrote:Drop from USC to WUSTL is big.

After that, none of the drops are that big or in any sort of order that makes sense.

You are wrong. Besides Duke, USC is the most overrated school in the T20.

Now the drop from GWU to Illinois? Yeah...that's a big drop.

TITCR. My cousin goes to USC. USC is the Fordham of LA. It is to LA what GW is to DC, BU/BC are to Boston, UIUC is to Chicago, and none of the employment stats I've read have convinced me otherwise. I think USC has more of a stranglehold on its market than Fordham/GW/UIUC, but that would make it similar to BU/BC in Boston-has more to do with the parochial nature of the town than the quality of the school. It's perennial place in the Top 20 throw people off. LA is a ginormous market that USC has to feed into. It places very well there, I don't deny that. But even if it's due to self-selection, it's placement is less than stellar outside of LA. That makes it much, much, much, much, much closer to BC/BU/GW/ than any of the T14s, and I don't see how one can logically dispute that. Granted, being the Fordham of a city is pretty good, but not stellar. USC is a school with $$$ and a solid national reputation and a strong grip on its own local market--nothing more, nothing less.

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